Montgomery, New York

June 2021 Video Update

The final touches are being applied to the Sailfish project in Montgomery, New York (Orange County). The new Amazon distribution facility covers approximately one million square feet and will be a non-sortable fulfillment center, housing items that cannot be sorted due to size. Located near Interstate-84 and the intersections of NYS Route 17K and 747, the facility will have easy access to metropolitan New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

June 2021 Photo Gallery

November 2020 Video Update

The Sailfish project in Montgomery, New York, has progressed substantially since the September update. Concrete work around the exterior of the warehouse is underway, with the majority of curbing completed. The underground utilities are being installed, with some of the preliminary asphalt paving completed for employee parking. Retaining walls and the Contech Precast Arch Bridge have been built for the entrance to the new facility.

November 2020 Photo Gallery

September 2020 Video Update

The Sailfish project is starting to take shape with the exterior warehouse walls erected and the roof construction underway. Around the property, earthwork continues with crushing, grading and levelling. The majority of the concrete curbing has been completed in preparation for asphalt paving.

August 2020 Photo Gallery

July 2020 Video Update

Export, dirt work and earthmoving are progressing on the Sailfish construction project in Montgomery, New York. The retention basin and retaining walls are built, and the water management and distribution system groundwork is being laid and backfilled.

July 2020 Photo Gallery