Keeping Our Team Safe on NJ Construction Sites - Petillo Inc.
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The Importance of Construction Safety

Committing to a Safe Work Environment for Petillo Inc. Employees

PETILLO INC. management is committed to the safety of each employee and subcontractors. There is no place at PETILLO INC. for an employee or subcontractor who will not work safely or who will endanger the safety of his fellow workers. It is essential that all Managers and Supervisors insist on the maximum safety performance and awareness of all employees and subcontractors under their direction, by enthusiastically and consistently administering all safety rules and regulations.

PETILLO INC. is committed to enforcing an aggressive injury and illness prevention effort amongst all jobs sites and yards. Safety, quality, and productivity go hand in hand when performing at such an esteemed level. To be effective, the Health & Safety Program & Procedures Policy must apply process controls similar to those that are used to maintain the superior quality and serviceability of our day to day work schedule.

PETILLO’s safety goals and visions is what defines us and sets us apart. The responsibility rests on everyone’s shoulders we at Petillo Inc. all have to take accountability for ourselves, our co-workers, project partners and the public surrounding our jobsites. Each employee regardless of their job position or title has the responsibility to speak up when they see anything that causes a safety concern. That, combined with employee engagement, management commitment and embracing the tools we have readily available, sets the foundation for an effective Health and Safety Program.

PETILLO INC. firmly believes that as with other aspects of business, the successful implementation of this Health & Safety Program & Procedures depends upon management’s active interest and participation. Management must make clear assignments of responsibilities to Managers, Supervisory Staff and all Employees in order for those workers to clearly understand what is expected of them. Once such responsibilities are assigned, line management and individuals alike can and will be held accountable for results in accordance with PETILLO INC. Health & Safety Program & Procedures Manual.

2015 Safety Stand Down Certificate Petillo

Petillo Safety Department

  • Superintendents & Foreman all have OSHA 30 Training
  • All workers have a minimum of OSHA 10 and Hazwoper 40 hour training
  • All jobs have at least one person trained in CPR & First Aid
  • Pre-Employment, Random, and Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Drivers safety classes provided (
  • How’s My Driving Stickers on all road vehicles
How's My Driving Decal
  • Hazard Communication
  • Daily job site check lists
  • Weekly Job Site Audits
  • Fit Testing
  • Monthly inspection programs
Monthly inspection programs

– Assured Grounding
– Ladder Inspection
– Rigging equipment

Petillo Training

December 12, 2017 – Company Mandatory Training

Hazwoper Refresher / HAZCOM / ASHI Bloodborne Pathogens

Company Mandatory Training 2017

Petillo Fleet

Petillo trucks are equipped with GPS that notifies the dispatcher of hazardous driving habits. Speeding, Hard breaking, and excessive acceleration are just a few of the notices we receive.

HCSS Telematics
Petillo HCSS Telematics Fleet Tracking Software

Our progressive discipline policy maintains a safe work environment for all employees and bystanders.

Petillo Inc. pushes the employees to make sure their actions throughout the day guarantees that they return home the same way they come to work. “Safety First”

2014 Top 600 Specialty Contractors Ranked #413