Environmental Remediation Services

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Petillo is a leading remediation contractor specializing in the segregation, handling, and treatment of contaminated sites. Effectively and safely remediating contaminated soils, water, and hazardous wastes are vital to our communities and the environment’s health and well-being. Petillo has extensive experience with a wide range of project requirements and environmental remediation systems, including:


The migration of hazardous substances and containments can be reduced through stabilization. Using chemical or physical barriers, we can significantly reduce the costs by eliminating the need to remove and backfill the contaminated areas. Petillo makes calculated considerations regarding the compatibility of the contaminants and the materials used. We utilize a blend of reagents to trap or immobilize containments with the affected areas. Leachability testing is performed to ensure the stability of the contaminated material.


Bioremediation uses innovative treatment techniques to stimulate the growth of microbial populations in the subsurface to target and biodegrade pollutants. Bioremediation can be a more cost-effective, sustainable approach to other remediation alternatives.

Removal Action

Petillo is an experienced contractor in all aspects of the excavation, transportation, and treatment or disposal of contaminated materials. Our trained professionals are experienced in performing various removals from extreme precision extractions to the mass removal of impacted areas. Petillo’s depth of experience includes planning activities such as utility locates, geotechnical evaluation and communications with local governing authorities.

Cap and Cell Construction

Cap and cell construction provides a safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective alternative to off-site disposal. The advantage of using cap and cell construction is that the waste will not be disturbed. It prevents contamination of the surrounding area from the movement of the contaminated material. Petillo has the experience and knowledge to construct and manage repositories used for the placement of contaminated materials. To ensure effective repository isolation, Petillo performs sampling and analysis.

Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater Controls
Petillo has experience with designing and constructing groundwater controls to enable proper groundwater remediation. Typical control systems include cut-off walls and other barriers (exclusion techniques) and groundwater pumping (construction dewatering techniques). Our customized heavy equipment allows us to excavate deep trenches with long-reach excavators, hydraulic and mechanical clams, desanders, and high-speed colloidal mixers.

Passive Treatment Systems
Passive groundwater treatment systems can provide a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to remediate contaminated groundwater. Passive systems allow groundwater to flow through specific treatment media where contaminants are either degraded, precipitated or absorbed depending on the type of contaminant and treatment system.

Recovery Systems
Recovery systems are used to extract contaminated groundwater and treat it with biological, chemical or physical treatment technologies to remove any impurities. Petillo has experience with several recovery systems, including; air stripping, soil vapor extraction, hydrocarbon groundwater, and leachate. We oversee the design, construction and operation of our recovery systems.

Pump and Treat Systems
With the pump and treat process, groundwater is pumped from an extraction well to the surface and treated with biological or chemical treatments to remove any impurities. Petillo has experience with various treatment methods, including; air strippers, granular activated carbon, soil vapour extraction, oil-water separators, and thermal oxidizers.