Available Construction Services in the Northeast

Full service excavation, site contractor, and heavy construction services

Petillo continues its long, successful, and safe history of providing an extensive array of industry services. A respected, premier contractor and earth mover serving the northeastern United States.

Our portfolio of services is enabled by ownership of our own technologically innovative equipment, educated and professional, customer focused workforce, and established environmental leadership. Petillo’s Focused Expertise Includes:

Site Excavation Services

Site Excavation

Our site excavation expertise encompasses not only all types of excavation, but the value engineering process to assess, design, develop and implement successful, cost-effective projects. Clearing, stripping, stumping, and mass earthwork are complex tasks requiring state-of-the-art.

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Water Management & Distribution

There are many diverse, important engineering considerations associated with a successful sewer, storm water, and water distribution system. Petillo has this knowledge and experience.

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Petillo is a full service utilities contractor specializing in everything from pipelines to to power systems. We work with our clients to develop the best service for underground utilities and look towards emerging trends and potential technological breakthroughs.

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Erosion Control & Retaining Walls

We believe that careful preparation plays a significant role in erosion control. Petillo experts carefully examine each job site before we begin any erosion control or wall retention project. We calculate the slope, check draining patterns, and perform a complete analysis of soil types.

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Asphalt Paving

Paving turnpikes, airport runways, and parking lots is one of our essential competencies. We implement our trusted valued engineering to properly plan and carry out these projects.

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Petillo specializes in the construction and repair of sidewalks, foundations, catch basins, all curb types and other concrete services. Our standard of excellence and reputation for completing the most difficult projects with the highest quality is known industry wide.

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Environmental Remediation

Petillo is a leading remediation contractor specializing in the segregation, handling, and treatment of contaminated sites. Effectively and safely remediating contaminated soils, water, and hazardous wastes are vital to our communities and the environment’s health and well-being.

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