I-78 Logistics

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

August 2020 Video Update

Watch the final aerial videography update of the I-78 Logistics Project in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Petillo transformed the 365-acre property into a state-of-the-art logistics centre with 3.8 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space.

August 2020 Photo Gallery

May 2020 Video Update

The I-78 Logistics Warehouse project is nearing completion. Exterior grading and paving are underway while the final touches to the exterior of the warehouse are completed.

May 2020 Photo Gallery

January 2020 Video Update

The final touches are being completed on the new initial I-78 Logistics warehouse in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The exterior paving and curbing around the facility are being finished while retaining walls and water management, and distribution systems are finalized and inspected.

January 2020 Photo Gallery

July 2019 Video Update

The I-78 Logistics project continues to advance with this July 2019 update. Exterior concrete curbs are being built to shape in the shipping, receiving and parking areas around the exterior of the warehouse. The warehouse’s exterior walls are in place, and iron structural work progresses. Elsewhere on the 365-acre property, grading, crushing, demolition and excavation continues to prepare for the next phase of the project. Dynamic compaction work is underway to improve soil density.

July 2019 Photo Gallery

May 2019 Video Update

Progress continues on the development of the logistics park along the I-78 and I-81 corridor in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Petillo’s crew of heavy equipment operators have the task of excavating, clearing and grading the 365-acre property. The warehouse is evolving with the foundation, retaining walls and exterior walls established. Around the warehouse, curbing is shaping up, and the preliminary asphalt layer is being levelled and prepped for final paving.

May 2019 Photo Gallery

September 2018 Video Update

A fleet of Petillo heavy equipment has started the process of developing the 365-acre logistics park along the I-78 and I-81 corridor in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Site excavation, clearing, and grading are underway to develop the new, 3.8 million square foot warehouse and distribution space.

September 2018 Photo Gallery