Kartrite Resort and Waterpark

Kiamesha Lake, New York

April 2018 Video Update

A spring update on the Kartrite Resort and Waterpark project in Kiamesha Lake, New York. The structures are starting to take shape while the Petillo continues to shape and carve the landscape with the development of water management and distribution systems. The project is beginning to take form from an aerial perspective.

April 2018 Photo Gallery

October 2017 Video Update

Progress continues with the construction of the Kartrite Resort and Waterpark. The concrete curbs and grates have been built in the parking lot, and the base has been graded and packed in preparation for paving. The hotel and waterpark structures continue to advance as general earthwork and backfill shape the rest of the development site.

October 2017 Photo Gallery

August 2017 Video Update

August 2017 Photo Gallery

July 2017 Video Update

July 2017 Photo Gallery

June 2017 Video Update

June 2017 Photo Gallery