Project Redtail

East Fishkill, New York

Under Construction

June 2021 Video Update

The next stage of Project Redtail in East Fishkill, New York, is in high gear. Site excavation continues while retaining walls are being erected around the perimeter of the construction site. The foundation for the warehouse has been levelled and prepared for construction. The preliminary warehouse wall is being set into place. Aggregate has been spread and packed in preparation for paving of driveways and parking lots around the new 629,186 square feet logistics facility.

June 2021 Photo Gallery

April 2021 Video Update

Earthmoving and staging are well underway at Project Redtail in East Fishkill, New York. Dirt work and earthmoving operations are in high gear. Petillo’s heavy construction team continues to excavate, grade, and level the worksite in preparation for the next phase of development.

April 2021 Photo Gallery